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3 Ways to Conserve Your Well Water

Conserving water with a well is very important because fresh water is a limited resource. According to the Balance Small Business blog, “97 percent of the water worldwide is salt water and isn’t suitable for drinking.” Consequently, out of the 3 percent of water on the Earth, only 0.5 percent is safe for drinking. You’ll discover why it’s important to conserve your well water and how by reading more details below. 

How Much Water Does A Well Use?

There are two types of wells including a private well and a groundwater well. A private well is measured by the amount of water your well can hold and how much is being consumed by the household. 

With a ground well, an adequate supply will use five gallons a minute.  Therefore, it’s important to pay close attention to conserving ground water wells. 

How Can I Conserve Well Water?

The Environmental Protection agency says; “almost three-quarters of water used by every household occurs in the bathroom.” Of that three-quarters of water, 41 percent is used flushing the toilet and the other 33 percent for bathing. Therefore, when it comes to conserving water in the bathroom, you should reduce the amount of times you flush the toilet, take shorter showers, limit your baths, and never leave the water running when you brush your teeth.

1. Check Your Pump  

If you want to conserve well water, it’s very important for you to routinely check your well pump to ensure it’s working. The water lines in your home shouldn’t ever have leaks. You should also always repair or replace a running toilet and leaking faucet. 

2. Reuse Water 

Never throw out the dish water! Did you know the water in a dish basin is enough to water 6 small plants or a small garden? Instead of pouring your dishwater down the drain, use it to water your indoor or outdoor plants.  

3. Save Water On Other Tasks  

  • only use the dishwasher once it’s full 
  • choose energy-efficient appliances 
  • install aerators with flow restriction 
  • narrow your laundry down to a few loads or twice a week 

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