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Did Your Well Water Test Positive for Manganese and Bacteria?

If you’re a home or business owner, it’s vital that your well water be treated.  But what if you treated your water already but it still tested positive for manganese and bacteria?  Nobody wants their water become too contaminated to drink or wash with.  That’s why we at Mosman Well Works specialize in providing safe water and quality service to both residential and commercial customers.  We are professionals in testing and treating water tainted with bacteria and manganese.

What is Manganese?

Before we learn how to remove it out of your water, we must learn exactly what manganese is.  Manganese is a mineral found in several foods such as nuts, seeds, and whole grains.  It is considered an essential nutrient for the body’s functioning.  People also take it as a medicine in treating osteoarthritis.

Why Manganese and Bacteria Could Be in Your Well Water?

While manganese does have its nutritional elements, it is actually harmful for your water.  Overexposure to it in your water could cause serious health problems.  But why is it and bacteria developing in your water?  There are a few reasons why this is happening.  Research shows that elevated levels of iron or manganese in water wells often give rise to bacteria growth.  Bacteria being found is due to your well water being contaminated with feces or sewage.  But there are ways you can treat or manage these contaminants in your water.

How Can Your Water Be Treated?

There are three basic options to reducing manganese and bacteria in your well water.  Some of them include:

  • Explore with a qualified water well system professional the feasibility of retrofitting the well.
  • Consider constructing a new well that effectively isolates the problematic zones of groundwater.
  • Test water for contaminants.

Why Choose Mosman Well Works?

Our Well Water services will give you clean water solutions for your home and business.  We strive to be the leading well company through effective solutions for all of your well water needs.  For more information on our well water services, please contact us today.