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More than 21 million households in the United States get their water from a well. Mosman Well Works is experienced, knowledgeable and ready to service or renovate your well and its pump or tank. We can also handle the installation of any filtration and treatment systems you need.

The EPA recommends annual testing for fecal coliform, chlorides and nitrates. Any time you notice changes in the taste, smell or color of your water, you need to have it tested immediately, and contact a well service professional.
Connecticut is known to have a problem with radon in well systems, and we use granular activated carbon (GAC) filters here to remove radon from the water. GAC filters percolate the water through granular activated carbon. The radon affixes to the carbon and leaves the water radon-free.
There are filtration and treatment options to remove everything from common sediments to harmful chemicals like lead and other toxins. Reverse osmosis is one well-known system for producing pure or nearly pure water by forcing it through a membrane.
There are a number of signs that can indicate a failed tank, or one that’s nearing the end of its service life. If the pump runs constantly, there’s a good chance the air bladder inside the tank has failed and the system can’t maintain pressure. An annual inspection by a qualified well service company is the best way to keep an eye on the tank.
Turbidity is a measurement of suspended solids in water. These solids cause water to appear cloudy, which is referred to as “turbid” water. The solution to turbidity is to install, service or replace a filtration system on your well. A system can be installed to service the entire house, or to leave certain parts of the system unfiltered, such as outside faucets.
Submersible pumps are designed to last up to 25 years, but the life expectancy can vary widely. Factors like water hardness, the amount of sediment in the well, and how often the pump cycles on and off to fill the tank can greatly affect the life of your pump. A yearly inspection can spot a tank problem or a pressure switch that needs replacement, significantly extending the life of your pump.