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How to Tell If Your Pressure Tank Is Bad

When your submersible pump stops working it’s often from a multitude of issues. Sometimes it can be a bad motor, bad valve or even a bad pressure tank. If you’re not too sure then you need to consult with the right professionals.  Mosman Well Works has been in business for over 20 years in the well industry. They have a great team of professionals that are available 24/7. Let’s take a closer look at pressure tank issues and how they can affect your submersible pump.

Common Pressure Tank Issues 

Some of these problems are obvious while others are not so noticeable at first. Here’s a shortlist of some of these issues-

  • Air pressure valve is swinging back and forth
  • Top of the tank is cold and feels full
  • Waterlogged– meaning that the tank is filled with too much water
  • Air leaks

If you’re the average homeowner then you might not be fully aware of all these issues and that’s okay. When your pump stops working or isn’t working to its full potential a malfunctioning pressure tank is sometimes the cause. This is because the pressure tank is what pushes water. If there’s no pressure then your pump isn’t going to work.

Can You Fix Your Well Pressure Yourself?

Home and business owners love do-it-yourself jobs. There’s nothing wrong with that but working on a pressure tank does require some tools and the right knowledge. The first thing that you should do before attempting it yourself is to at least hear what the professionals have to say. You could be a phone call away from realizing that it’s best to trust a technician to do the work instead of trying it yourself.

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Submersible pumps for your well can go bad from a variety of issues. Sometimes it’s the pressure tank that has a problem. Some common issues with the tank are air leaks, an inaccurate pressure gauge and waterlogging. If you need more information on well maintenance and repair then contact Mosman Well Works to get started.