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My Well Is Pumping Sand. What Might Be the Cause?

My Well Is Pumping Sand. What Might Be the Cause? If you have a well, you may notice that sand is starting to get in your water.  Sand may get into your well for several different reasons.  However, these problems are usually treatable.  If you have sand in your well, keep reading to learn about the causes and what you can do to fix it.      

Why Sand Gets Into a Well 

Getting sand in a well can cause problems.  In addition to being an unpleasant surprise in the water you use at home, it also can harm your well.  Sand can wear down your pump and can clog pipes.  As a result, it is important to keep sand from being pumped out of your well.   

There are many different reasons why sand can get into your well water.  Here are some of the most common:

  • Your well pump is too large: If your well pump is too powerful, it will start pulling sand out from the surrounding aquifer.
  • Your well pump is installed too low in the well: Depending on the design of your well, the pump may be installed near the bottom of the well. However, if your pump is too close to the bottom of the well, it may be drawing in sand or silt that has settled on the bottom of the well.
  • The well screen has broken down: When a well is built, a screen made of metal or plastic is installed. This screen allows water to come in from the surrounding rock but keeps out sand, silt, and grit.  If the screen is damaged or broken sand may end up in your well. 

How to Deal With Sand in a Well

If you notice sand in your well, your first step is to call a professional well contractor.  They can figure out the problem and come up with options to fix your well.  
Depending on the problem, there are several different options to repair your well.  In some cases, you can move or replace your pump.  You may need larger repairs, such as adding a new well screen.  Rare cases, the problem cannot be repaired and a new well will need to be dug.     

In addition to repairing your well, you can also filter sand out of well water.  Centrifugal sand separators and spin-down filters are devices that will filter sand out of well water after it is pumped out of the ground.   

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