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My Well Pump Sparks. What Should I Do?

Do you know that approximately 34 million Americans depend on a well for access to water? Well, this means that well owners should be knowledgeable in identifying potential issues with their well pumps and resolving them when necessary. One of these problems is the production of sparks every time your pump cycles.

So, is well pump sparks normal or it’s a problem that needs immediate attention? Read on to understand the potential causes of well pump sparks and how you can remedy it effectively.

How Does a Well Pump Spark?

The pressure switch in your well pump contains springs to set the pressure and electrical wiring to signal the pump to turn on or off. Sometimes when your pump cycles on, you may see a spark and then it starts. The spark may at times be slight, or even intense and bright yellow.

The cycling that results in the switch to spark could quickly end up damaging the motor, centrifugal start switch, capacitor, and the check valve.

How Can You Fix It?

Now that you know the sparks result from a faulty switch, you’ll need to replace it with a new one. Replace the switch by first removing the wires from the old switch and labelling them. Then, unscrew the switch.

Next is to coat the tubing threads with Teflon tape or pipe dope and screw on your new switch to ensure it rests on the same orientation. Finally, carefully reconnect the wires according to their labels.

How Can It Be Treated/Managed over Time?

Inspect the switch contacts by moving them apart and check to see whether there is any burning or pitting. If you find pits present, then the contacts are bad, and you need to replace the entire switch. However, you can clean the contacts with a sandpaper or emery cloth until you observe the shiny metal on the contact. Do this to all the eight contact points. You should consider replacing the pressure switch earliest possible since this fix doesn’t last long.

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