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Protect Your Home From a Dry Well After a Power Outage

Well pumps are fine-tuned machines that, for the most part, require very little thought once they are up and running. As long as there’s power, that is. When the power goes out, however, being left without a supply of running water can be quite the inconvenience. You can minimize your downtime by understanding how power outages can leave you with a dry well.

Power Outages and a Dry Well

There is an electric pump at the heart of your well that provides the pressure needed to draw water from underground and send it into your home. When the power goes out, this pump cannot do its job. While you may have access to the water in the reservoir immediately following an outage, this will be consumed very quickly with regular use.

If you do continue to use your water during a power outage, you run the risk of emptying your reservoir. While not the end of the world, when the water level drops past a certain point, you may end up triggering the pressure switch on your well pump. This can prevent the pump from drawing water once the power comes back on, resulting in what is known as a “dry well.”

How to Fix a Dry Well

If the power is out for an extended period of time, and you do find yourself with a dry well, chances are that you will need to reset the pressure switch. First, check to make sure the well’s breaker hasn’t been flipped into the off position. Second, locate the switch on your well’s pump. Not all well pumps are the same, so you will want to use the instructions in your pump’s guide for the reset process. Once reset, you will hear the pump come back online, and you’re good to go.

How to Prevent a Dry Well

Be Prepared

If you live in an area where power outages occur often, you probably know what types of weather events cause them. It could be weather such as powerful rain or snow storms. Keep a supply of bottled drinking water for occasions like these. If you know an outage is likely, fill your bathtub with water so that you can flush your toilet without using water from the well. Most toilets work just fine if you pour water directly into the tank. 

Buy a Generator

Having a power generator is a great way to make it through a power outage without any of the usual inconveniences. Not only can they keep the lights on, but hooking it to your well’s pump means that the water keeps flowing, too. Consult your pump’s guide to connecting your generator safely.  Make sure to get power to the well pump before your reservoir is depleted.

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