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Cornwall, CT Well Pumps, Storage Tanks & Whole House Filtration Systems

Why Choose Mosman Well Works

Mosman Well Works is your leader in well water services for Cornwall, CT. Our experts have been offering our emergency services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for the past 20 years.

We provide services to the entire CT area to fix your well water problems with the type of high-quality service by our friendly specialists that has kept us on top for decades.

In Cornwall, we offer:

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Well Pump Service - Installation & Repairs

We strive to provide the best well water services to the Cornwall area at the best prices available. The Mosman Well Works service starts with a well water pump installation.


Enjoy a continuous source of water by allowing Mosman Well Works to work with you to guide you through their step-by-step guide to installing your Cornwall well water pump.

Mosman Well Works will provide you with the ideal water pump that fits your needs by determining which well water options will work best for you through a fixture analysis. Our supplies include:

  • Submersible pumps
  • Jet pumps
  • Variable speed constant pressure systems
  • City water booster pumps
  • Irrigation pumps
  • Yard hydrants and hand pumps

Your Cornwall, CT home can be installed with two different types of pumps, a jet pump or a submersible (sump) pump.


The benefit of using a jet pump is the cost. This is the less expensive option of the two pumps. The downside it a jet pump will produce much more noise and will also generate a lower water pressure at about 50 psi. This pump operates by sucking the water through the pipes.


Often referred to as a sump pump, a submersible pump generates 30 percent more water pressure than a jet pump and uses less energy to work. This pump works by pushing the water from the ground up.


With our experts shining in well pump services, we offer a free estimate where our team will come to your Cornwall home to inspect your well water system.

Our team will take all factors into consideration when providing an estimate for your well water services, such as the repairs needed or if a full pump replacement is needed and your current budget.

As a leader in well water pumps, Mosman Well Works will work with you to have your Cornwall water supply working with little interruption to your schedule.

Diaphragm & Static Storage Tanks

If you notice your water pressure dropping quickly, it could be a sign that you have a diaphragm or static storage tank issue. This could be due to a clogged sediment filter, a broken pipe or your water pressure may be malfunctioning. Our specialists can assist you with any of these issues.

diaphragm TANKS

Diaphragm tanks help prevent any occurrence of water-logging so that the system’s air can be separated from the water. It is made to adapt to the different changes in pressure and will aid in the efficiency of the water pump. Keep in mind that these are quite an investment and are irreparable.


Static storage tanks are also available for larger amounts of water and can be very useful when dealing with certain water production issues.

Our team of water pump specialists is available to solve your water tank problems at an affordable price. Having water in your Cornwall home is a necessity, so we work quickly and efficiently to solve your water issues based on your needs and within your budget.

Complete Home Well Water Systems


Stay abreast with your water safety and your water pump’s efficiency by having your Cornwall home’s water system tested and maintained regularly.

For the installation of Well Water Systems, we include: 

  • Jet pump to submersible pump conversion
  • Well inspection
  • Water testing
  • Well location services
  • Water system decommissioning
  • Well chlorination
  • Well capacity and yield tests
  • Water shut off systems

If your well water system is in need of repair due to biofouling, clogs, old age, or water sediments, Mosman will work with you to repair those issues and within your budget.

Our goal is to keep your water system working as efficiently as possible with the best in technology and staff, all at an affordable price.

Cornwall Whole House Water Filtration

When it comes to treating your water for contaminants, you want to stick with someone you can trust. We offer safe and dependable water filtration systems for your Cornwall home with safety being your top priority. We help protect your Cornwall home from the following:

  • Hardness
  • Acidity
  • Odor
  • High concentrations of Iron
  • Pathogens / Bacteria

When you install your home with water filtration system correctly, you help prevent bad tastes and odors and water stains such as blue stains on copper.

We always investigate the quality of your water before servicing your home and installing a water filtration system so that we can choose the best option for your home.

Professional Water Testing

We are sure to always follow the Connecticut Department of Public Health standards with our water testing to ensure the best water quality in your home.


We test for a variety of contaminants that can get into your water, such as lead, copper, sulfate, hydrogen sulfide, barium, corrosion, and coliform bacteria. If any of these tests come back positive, we take immediate action.

Test your water once a year, especially if you have had a recent change to your water pipes or pump.

Reasons for having your well water tested:

  • Information about specific pollutants and contamination
  • Treatment options for clean water solutions
  • Basis for future water tests
  • Peace of mind for you and your family

We take your water quality very seriously and if you have any question or are unsure of the quality of your water, contact us today to test it:  203-868-1765.

Cornwall, CT’s trusted well & water service

If you come across any issues with your well water system, look to the experts at Mosman Well Water Works. Be it installations, repairs, replacements or testing, Mosman offers a safe, comprehensive and thorough service for your water system needs.

Your Cornwall home will be taken care of by trusted specialists with high-quality methods with proven results. Contact us today for services and a free quote at: 203-868-1765.