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What Contaminants Are In My Well Water?

In a recent article, The World Health Organization reported; water safety and quality are fundamental to human development and well-being.” Wouldn’t you agree? Yes, water is a limited resource and since it is consumed by humans, we have to know what’s in our drinking water. Many wells draw water from nearby lakes, streams, and rivers, but contamination to surface water can impact the ground water we drink. In fact, man made material like gasoline, oil, and other contaminants can move through the soil and end up in groundwater making it unsafe to drink. 

How Do I Know What’s In My Well Water? What Danger Does It Pose?

Your well water can be contaminated from a number of reasons including an underground storage tank or leaky landfill. What can end up in your well water as a contaminant? 

Hazardous Waste

The Groundwater Foundation noted; “the U.S. has 20,000 or more abandon or uncontrolled hazardous waste sites.” This has a tremendous impact on the groundwater people consume. Therefore, well water is left with uncontrolled hazardous materials that leak into the soil and contaminating the groundwater. 


Unfortunately, there are all types of chemicals that can contaminate well water including:

  • road salt 
  • fertilizer 
  • car battery acid 
  • household cleaners 
  • paint 

 Atmospheric Pollutants  

The Earth operates on a hydrologic cycle. Since the groundwater is part of that cycle, atmospheric pollutants and environmental health hazards can contaminate the soil. Consequently, chemicals found in the air or on surface water can burrow into the soil and contaminate well water. 

What Danger Does Contaminated Well Water Pose? 

Contaminated well water can cause a number of health issues including cancer, hepatitis, and dysentery. Most often, these worsen over long periods of exposure to well water that has contaminants.

What To Expect From Mosman Well Works 

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