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What Is Reverse Osmosis?

What Is Reverse Osmosis? Reverse osmosis is a water filtration process that involves purifying water through utilizing mechanisms of fluid flow by osmosis across a partially permeable membrane. In most basic terms, it helps to remove unwanted, large molecules from water, like dirt and cleans it enough so that it is safe for consumption. 

How Does Reverse Osmosis Work? 

Stage One: Sediment Filter
This is the initial step, the first obstacle that water must pass through. During this step, the water passes through what is called a sediment filter. This filter removes large particles like dirt, sand, rust or algae that may be present in your water.

Stage Two: Activated Carbon Block Prefilters
During this step, though the water no longer has larger unwanted particles like dirt or sand, it still contains smaller unwanted particles. The filtered water is then pushed, under pressure, through the carbon block prefilters to help remove lead, copper, chlorine, mercury, and any other pesticides it may have contained. This step also aids in removing any odor and enhancing the water’s taste. 

Stage Three: Reverse Osmosis Membrane
Now, the water has passed through two filters, filtering out various particles both large and small. However, it still contains really fine contaminants, which made 97% of the water’s total contaminants and these must also be removed. This means that during the third and penultimate step, this semipermeable RO membrane removes any small impurities. 

Stage Four: Activated Carbon Polishing Filter
During the final step, the filtered water arrives into a big storage tank with clean water until it is ready to be used. Once you turn your water on, it is then pushed through the carbon polishing filter, its final filter before coming through your kitchen faucet or showerhead. This assures that it is “polished” before you consume it. Voila- you have clean, drinkable water! 

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