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What’s Wrong with my Pressure Tank and What Should I Do?

Here at Mosman Well Works know how important your home, business, and time are to you. When your pressure tank fails, you need it fixed and you need it fixed soon. That’s why our Connecticut based technicians are there when you need them, 365 days a year and 24 hours a day with over 20 years of experience to get your well working again before you have to lose a single night’s sleep over it.

What Is a Pressure Tank?

If your home and business have a well, you have a pressure tank. The pressure tank uses compressed air to push the pressurized water out of your well and up to the faucets in your home or business. Without a working pressure tank, your well water would be inaccessible.

What’s Wrong With My Pressure Tank?

As with any mechanical part, your pressure tank may stop working for one reason or another which causes your water to stop running. When this happens, it’s a real pain to deal with, and can be very frustrating and disruptive to your life. But the good news is you don’t have to replace the whole tank just because something is wrong.

Many failures are caused by one part or another and can be easily replaced without swapping out the entire tank.  Some common problems are:

  • Lack of Power – Sometimes something as simple as a lack of proper electrical power cases the whole well to shut down.
  • Pressure Switch – The pressure switch is a safety mechanism designed to shut down the whole system in the event a pipe breaks so that your well doesn’t keep pumping water. If you draw too much water at once, it may automatically trip the system and shut it down.
  • Waterlogged – When water coming out of your faucet appears to be pulsing, chances are you have a waterlogged tank. The top half of your pressure tank is full of compressed air to push the water out, if this part of the tank fills with water it is called waterlogged.

How Will I Know If My Pressure Tank Breaks?

Other than having no running water, there are several telltale signs that your pressure tank is wearing down or broken. If you notice any of the following:

  • Water pressure drops suddenly when more than one faucet is on or a toilet is flushed
  • Your water pressure fluctuates while taking a shower or filling a tub
  • Water leaks onto the floor around the tank or looks rusty
  • If your electrical bill is suddenly much higher for no apparent reason this could indicated that the pump has had to restart so many times

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