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A Waterlogged Tank Can Stop a Working Pump

If you are among those that have a well for your building’s water use, you probably have a submersible water pump and a pressure tank. A submersible pump usually sits at the bottom end of the well pipe and pushes water from its place far below the water level. Pressure tanks, also called storage tanks, use a cushion of air to manage water pressure. The many parts and devices in a well water system do need occasional maintenance. Mosman Well Works can keep your well system in working order and address any problems as they happen.

There are several problems that well systems can experience:

  • Bladder rupture: Most modern storage tanks use a flexible bladder to separate the air from the water and hold the air cushion in the tank. If this bladder ruptures, air can mix with the water and gradually exit the tank through the plumbing.
  • Waterlogged storage tank: A tank that loses all air pressure will be completely filled with water. A waterlogged tank will need to be refilled with air often in order to keep the whole system working as designed. A small compressor, charged air tank, or even a bicycle tire pump can be used to pressurize a waterlogged storage tank. 
  • Cycling: This is a situation where a waterlogged pressure tank causes the pump to start and stop repeatedly. Because pumps are much better at pushing fluids than pulling through a long pipe, submersibles are very efficient pumps and can pressurize water very quickly. Waterlogged pressure tanks will instantly build pressure from the pump, lose pressure quickly when a faucet is opened, and instantly build pressure when the pressure switch reactivates the pump.
  • Pump failure: If the pump continues cycling, its electric motor will soon burn out and stop working. The pump will then need to be pulled out of the well and replaced. This is a very difficult and expensive task.

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All residential and commercial systems need periodic maintenance, and those that deliver well water are no exception. When you need maintenance and find problem areas in your well water system, please contact us at Mosman Well Works to learn about your options and our recommendations to keep your water flowing.