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Well Pumps

The heart of every well system

Unfortunately, even well water systems can develop problems. As much as they are the heart of every well water system, many things can go wrong with well water pumps including short cycling issues or a tank leak. 

Proudly Serving Greater Woodbury, Southbury, & all of CT

At Mosman Well Works, we have the knowledge, expertise, materials, and equipment to provide a quick solution to every possible well pump problem.  We proudly serve Litchfield, New Haven, and Middlesex Counties.

Because we know the importance of our Woodbury clients having a constant supply of water, we guarantee minimum disruption of your water supply while completing the work.

Our Well Water Pump Systems

Our team installs, repairs, replaces and inspects a broad range of well water system products for our Woodbury clients including:

  • Submersible pumps
  • Jet pumps
  • Variable speed constant pressure systems
  • City water booster pumps
  • Irrigation pumps
  • Yard hydrants and hand pumps

Well Water Pump Installations


There are two major types of well pumps for use at your CT home. You can utilize the jet pump or submersible pumps (sump pump). The choice of pump you may need to use at your home will depend on its functionality.

At Mosman Well Works, we will offer both types of pumps depending on the preference of our Woodbury clients. On repairs and maintenance, both jet pumps and submersible pumps are serviced by our dedicated personnel.


These are noisy, and water draws pumps that generate about 50 psi during water drills. It sucks the water instead of the normal push in a majority of other well water pumps. Many do not prefer this type of pump. It is, however, cheaper but more expensive to maintain.


These are the pumps of choice for most clients. They use push method to get water from the ground to the floor. They are, however, more effective than jet pumps, generating 30 percent more pressure than jet pumps do. 

On maintenance, submersible pumps require zero maintenance. They equally produce little or no noise at all. These pumps also last longer than jet pumps. 

At Mosman Well Works, they are our number one choice for installation in Woodbury homes and commercial institutions.

Well Water Pump Repairs

To understand your needs and concerns, we at Mosman Well Works will assess your existing CT well water system, after which we will provide you with a free, no obligation estimate.

If your well pump is not working properly, our team can perform an multitude of well water pump repairs designed to get your well water system up and running again.

Well Pump Replacements

In some cases, repairing a well water pump may not be the best option.

We begin the Replacement process with a critical fixture analysis. This evaluation includes a detailed inspection of the building’s size and style, the piping’s diameter, the anticipated level of demand, expected number of fixtures, and the distance between the furthest fixture and the source.

Well Pump Replacements can save time and money in some cases, especially if your pump can no longer function properly in your Woodbury home.

Whether you have low or no water pressure, we can inspect your well water system, identify the problem, and offer the best solution. 

Working with a trustworthy well water contractor is important for making sure your Woodbury home or business has clean water. Contact Mosman Well Works today or fill out our online form for a free estimate and professional assistance.