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Water Filtration

Trusted Water Filtration Services

Mosman Well Works is a trusted provider of CT water treatment services and quality filtration equipment. Our trained specialists are available to consult with you about your unique water purification needs for your Woodbury home including:

  • Hardness
  • Acidity
  • Odor, or
  • High concentrations of iron,
  • Pathogens/ Bacteria

Proudly Serving Greater Woodbury, Southbury, & all of CT

Our products are reliable and safe. We believe in using products of the highest quality for our New Haven, Litchfield, and Middlesex county residents.

You also need experts who can do the job properly, and our Woodbury team has vast experience in water filtration, water softening, and all methods of well water treatment.

Common Water Problems You May Encounter

  • A free evaluation and consultation.
  • Testing of your water.
  • Design and professional installation of reliable, custom filtration systems.
  • The servicing and repair of existing filtration systems.

Every situation is different, but you may be encountering some common water treatment problems. Before our Woodbury experts can consult with you and recommend an effective solution, we recommend a water test conducted by Mosman Well Works of Woodbury.

Odor — If you experience a rotten egg smell or similar odors, the presence of hydrogen sulfide is likely to blame.

Bad taste — There could be organic matter in your water which needs to be detected with a test.

Stains on fixtures and dishes — Hard water with high concentrations of calcium and magnesium can cause these problems as well as scale in your plumbing and water heater.

Blue Stains on copper — Low PH is a common cause, and the PH level of your water can easily be ascertained with a test.

Water that is cloudy — matter could be suspended in the water, some of it which is invisible to the human eye.

Metallic taste and brown or black stains — seen often on porcelain fixtures, these stains and metallic taste can indicate high levels of iron or manganese.

How Will You Benefit from Water Softening?

The subject of a water softening system can be complex and confusing to some individuals. Exactly what does it mean to “soften” a liquid?

In the case of water, it is the removal of calcium and other minerals. The build up of these minerals can leave deposits and cause some of the issues mentioned above.

Calcium, in particular, can be troublesome. High levels of calcium in your water can cause:

  • The fraying of laundry.
  • A rough feeling to appliances, dishes, and even clothes.
  • Unattractive limestone spots on surfaces that contact water.
  • Harmful deposits that build up unseen inside your plumbing, appliances, and fixtures.

At Mosman Well Works we create effective solutions for your Woodbury home that address build ups directly. We use information gleaned from expert testing and a consultation to develop water softening services that remove deposits and protect your appliances, laundry, and anything you wash.

We also offer annual testing to maintain the integrity of your filtration system and address any problems that may arise.

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You can contact our team today for a free consultation and estimate for your CT home. We’ll contact you to schedule an appointment.

We’ll test your water and evaluate your water filter system. Finally, we’ll explain our options and work with you to find the right solution. Our Woodbury clients deserve clean, safe water!