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Can a Well Cap Be Raised Above Ground?

A well cap is one of the most important parts of your well.  Properly installed, a well cap can keep out pollutants.  However, many older wells have installed well caps below ground, which may be less effective in protecting your well’s water quality.     

At Mosman Well Works, we can help you decide if you should raise your well cap above ground and conduct any necessary work.  Here are several things to consider when deciding where to place your well cap:

What Is a Well Cap?

A well cap is a watertight cover on the top of a well casing that seals the well opening.  Well caps keep contaminants out of your well’s water supply.  Without a well cap, insects, bacteria, and other pollutants can enter your well and cause contamination.  In addition, well caps keep out surface water, which can pick up pesticides or other chemicals while flowing towards your well.  Some well caps are ventilated to maintain the proper air pressure.     

Can a Below-Ground Well Cap Be Raised Above-Ground? 

Some older well caps are located below ground.  While they may be properly sealed, a below ground well cap has more potential risk of contamination.  

To avoid contamination, a well cap should be raised above ground.  Raising a well cap above ground is a common procedure that can be done by Mosman Well Works.  

However, the amount of effort required to raise a well cap will be different in every case.  The depth of the existing well cap, location of your well, and other factors will determine how much work will be needed to raise your well cap. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Raising a Well Cap

There are several advantages and disadvantages to raising a well cap from below ground to above ground: 


  • Well cap is easier to find.  
  • Better protection against contaminants, especially those that come from surface water.

  • Will cost money to raise a well cap.
  • Depending on the situation, may require substantial modification to your well.

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With Mosman Well Works, you can rest assured that your well will be safe and providing all the water you need.