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Caring for Your Well: Tips to Avoid Repairs

From promoting self-reliance to providing convenience, having your own well comes with numerous advantages. However, structural issues can compromise the integrity of your well and result in costly and unnecessary repairs. How can you keep your well in great shape and avoid repairs? Here are a few tips.

Preventive Maintenance is Key

Many well owners overlook the importance of regular maintenance. Only after experiencing a problem do they decide to have a look at their well. By that time, significant damage may have already occurred.

How can you maintain your well and protect your family’s water supply? Perform these preventive maintenance tasks and then contact us if you need more extensive repairs.

  • Inspect the well cap or cover for cracks or other defects. Remove any plants such as vines or shrubbery that may have grown around it.
  • Ensure the ground surrounding your well has the right slope and drainage.
  • Remove materials from the top of your well. Do not use it for storage.
  • Keep chemicals such as pesticides and fertilizers away from your well.
  • Lubricate your pump’s motor and bearings on a regular basis.

Importance of Regular Water Testing

Poor water quality is a telltale sign that something is amiss with your well. Even so, many homeowners just assume their water quality is fine when in fact it could be contaminated. Without proper testing, it can be hard to know if your water has been tainted. Have your water tested at least annually, or more often if you notice any of the following signs:

  • Murky or cloudy water
  • Sediment
  • A foul odor
  • Unusual taste
  • Scaly or rusty buildup on fixtures

Caring for your Connecticut Well

Here at Mosman Well Works, we are a fully-licensed and insured contractor with more than 20 years of experience servicing and maintaining wells. If you need help with an inspection, testing, or repairs, please contact us.