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How Are Artesian Wells Different From Regular Wells?

If you own a well or are thinking of installing one, you may have heard of artesian wells. In some cases, installing this type of well may be your best option. 

What Is an Artesian Well?

Artesian wells are formed from artesian aquifer. Artesian aquifers are confined aquifers that hold groundwater underground using pressure.  Because the water is surrounded by non-permeable rock, it has nowhere to go but up towards the surface. Groundwater from an artesian aquifer will naturally rise from the aquifer. In some cases, the pressure is strong enough for the water to reach the surface. 

However, unlike wells that are dug by hand or drilled deep into the ground, artesian wells may require less digging because of how close the groundwater is to the surface. 

How Do You Know Which One Is the Best for Your Home?

There are several factors to consider when deciding which type of well you should dig: 

  • How deep or shallow each type of well needs to be dug.
  • The amount of natural pressure from the artesian aquifer.
  • The number, size, and types of pumps you may need for your well.
  • The amount and type of rock.
  • The best location for the well. This includes figuring out what location is most convenient, what possible contaminants need to be avoided, and what location is the easiest to dig.

These factors, along with any other ones unique to your property will help decide what is the best type of well for you. 

What Are the Pros and Cons of Artesian Wells?

While each well is different based on the property’s features, here are some general pros and cons of an artesian well:


  • May cost less to build than wells dug by hand or drilled into the ground.
  • May require fewer mechanical parts to be installed and maintained.  
  • Water is naturally filtered through rocks when coming up to the surface.


  • Location may not be convenient or be susceptible to contaminants. 
  • Constant flowing water may damage pipes and other mechanical parts.
  • Pressure may not be consistent or provide enough water. 

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