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How Do I Prepare My Well for the Next Flood?

It is always important to keep up with proper maintenance of your well. However, sometimes extra steps are necessary in order to prepare your well and your home for emergency situations, like a flood. By making sure that you have taken the necessary precautions, you can greatly reduce your risk of excessive damage to your well and home in the long run.

Taking a few precautionary measures to prep your well for the impact of a flood can be simple, quick, and extremely beneficial. In addition to preparing your well, homeowners can also take a few actions to prepare themselves and their families in the event their well is impacted by a flood.

  • Store an adequate amount of bottled water for drinking, cooking, cleaning, and hygiene tasks. If your well is impacted by a flood, you will want to refrain from using it until after you have had your water tested for safety.
  • Fill water tanks for any outdoor animals that may require a substantial amount of water
  • If you are evacuating, make sure that you retrieve any paperwork associated with your well. You will need this in the event of a repair. Make sure that this paperwork is in a safe, secure place, or take it with you. Having the appropriate documentation for your well will make the repair and testing process following a flood much easier.

Steps To Prepare Your Home For Flooding

The first step you can take in prepping your well is to ensure that your pressure tank is in good working order, and to fill it as much as possible so that there is as much unaffected and clean water available for your home as possible. After filling the tank, shut off the electricity to your well. This will prevent any potentially contaminated water from being pumped into your home’s water system during a flood event.

Make sure that your wellhead has an airtight seal. If it does not and there is not enough time to have one installed, take extra precautions to stabilize your wellhead like covering it with a trash bag and securing the wellhead with waterproof duct tape.

Research and document the contact information for a professional company near you that can test your water and offer filtration services post-flood. Having your water test done for any potential bacteria or harmful substances will be one of the first steps you will want to take after being impacted by a flood to ensure the safety of you and your family. 

What Do I Do If My Well Has Been Impacted by a Flood?

It is necessary to prepare your home for potential floods. Following the right steps and precautions will ensure your homes safety. Immediately contact the company and schedule a testing of your water to ensure that it is safe. In the meantime, make use of the bottled water you set aside. It is important that you do not turn your well system back on until it has been thoroughly tested and inspected.

Have A Plan

At Mosman Well Works, we know that preparing to get your well system for a flood is imperative. Making sure it is back up and running following a flood as quickly as possible. If you are preparing for a flood, reach out to us today for any additional questions or concerns, and to set up the necessary steps to get your well back in safe working order right away.