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I Keep Running Out of Water. What Does That Mean?

Have you turned on the water features in your home only to find spurting or no running water at all? Your first worry may be that it has finally happened – the well has run dry. However, while a lack of water, muddy water, or a sputtering tap can all be signs of a dry well, if your tap isn’t producing water, there can be a number of causes outside of a dry well.

Equipment Failure

When you turn on your tap and find no water, the most common cause for this is some sort of equipment failure. Components in your pump, the tank fill system, or perhaps even in your pressure booster pump have failed and it is preventing your system from delivering water that is still very much in your well.  These issues can often be easy to detect for a well technician so you can make a replacement quickly.

Age of Your System

While age can definitely lead to equipment failure, the overall age of your system can reduce the amount of water you get in your home. A potential issue that could be keeping water from your home is a leak in the system due to age. If water is leaking out a pipe somewhere, it obviously isn’t getting into your home and could be causing your well to be prematurely dry. Furthermore, you will find that well pumps do decrease in output as they age, which can be problematic if it was barely keeping up with the demand.

Higher Water Demands

When your property was initially built and your well was installed, there might have been a dramatically lower water need than what you need on that same property today. Over years of additions, gardens, and new water features, your old well may not be able to keep up with demands. There are a number of solutions to this ranging from well pump replacement to the simple installation of a water tank depending on your evaluated new water needs.

What to Do When the Tap is Dry?

When you turn on your water features only to get nothing from them, you will want to call in a professional technician to check these issues instead of trying to troubleshoot them yourself. The technicians will start by running some quick tests to make sure the well switch, pump, and pressure tank are all working correctly before replacing faulty parts as necessary. If it turns out your well has run dry, there may be a number of solutions available to you that are less dramatic than drilling a whole new well for your home.

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