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Middlesex County, CT Well Pumps, Storage Tanks & Whole House Filtration Systems

Why Choose Mosman Well Works

Mosman Well Works is a leading expert in well water services for those living in Middlesex County. With a team of dedicated professionals, we’ll be able to offer you emergency services 24/7 for safety and convenience.

For over 20 years, we’ve helped replace and repair well water systems for homeowners throughout the Connecticut area. To get the job done right, we focus on customer care and quality service, and we’ll always go above and beyond for our clients in Middlesex County. You can expect our services to always be delivered on time, budget and completed with advanced tools.

In Middlesex County, we offer:

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Well Pump Service - Installation & Repairs

Mosman Well Works can offer those in Middlesex County homeowners with quality well water services for the most affordable prices. Our services typically begin with the installation of a water pump.


Well water pumps are a source of continuous running water, and the experts at Mosman Well Works can help you through the installation process.

After we come to your Middlesex County residence, we’ll be able to determine the best water pump for your current needs. Some of our supplies includes:

  • Submersible pumps
  • Jet pumps
  • Variable speed constant pressure systems
  • City water booster pumps
  • Irrigation pumps
  • Yard hydrants and hand pumps

To help assist your Middlesex County home, we’ll either use a jet pump or a submersible (sump) pump.


Jet pumps produce a constant noise while generating lower pressure around 50 psi. This pump will not push water through your pipes, but will operate by sucking the water out. Jet pumps are not typically requested that often, but they inexpensive compared to other pumps.


On the other hand, you can also invest in a submersible pump which often referred to as a sump pump. This popular water pump will generate an average 30 percent more pressure than a jet pump. When in use, it will push water from the ground up to help produce higher pressure and use less energy.


The team at Mosman Well Water has been providing well pump services for years in the Connecticut area. Our business is full of highly professional, dedicated workers that are capable of fixing most issues you may face with your water system. When you run into trouble, we’ll come to your Middlesex County residence, inspect your well system and provide you with a free, no-obligation estimate.

To provide you with the most affordable services, we’ll work around your budget and determine the best plan of action for your well water pump. We can help with both repairs and replacements. When you need our assistance, our team will work extensively to find the best solution for your well water issues. We want to help you as best as we can and ensure that your well pressure pump will work efficiently once again.

Here at Mosman Well Works, we not only care for your Middlesex County home but the safety of your family. We can guarantee that we’ll provide the best services with minimal disruption for you to feel comfortable in your home.

Diaphragm & Static Storage Tanks

There are a few different reasons why your water pressure can rapidly drop. It could be from clogged sediment filters, faucet aerators, broken pipes or malfunctioning pressure. Whatever the cause, we’ll be able to determine the problem in your storage tank and offer you an affordable solution.


One of the most efficient ways to prevent water logging in your well system is to use a diaphragm tank. This will allow for more air to be separated from your systems water while adjusting to changes in pressure. These tanks are also helpful with the amount of time your pump will run, but they are a one-time investment, so they must be replaced.


If you are having trouble with water production, we can recommend you a static storage tank. These are great for storing large amounts of water to lower pressure.

When it comes to any repair or replacement needs, the team at Mosman Well Works will examine your current situation and provide you with an affordable solution. We know how important the state of your Middlesex County home is to you, so we’ll make an effort to finish on-schedule and on-time.

Complete Home Well Water Systems


To keep your well water system running smoothly, we can help you with regular maintenance and testing. We’ll determine how effective your system is running and what areas could be improved upon.

For the installation of Well Water Systems, we include: 

  • Jet pump to submersible pump conversion
  • Well inspection
  • Water testing
  • Well location services
  • Water system decommissioning
  • Well chlorination
  • Well capacity and yield tests
  • Water shut off systems

If your well water system is in need of repair due to clogs, biofouling, sediments in water, or simply old age, we with work with you to design a solution that fits within your budget.

Middlesex County Whole House Water Filtration

If you’re dealing with contamination issues, you should only trust professionals to help you. Mosman Well Works is Middlesex County’s trusted water testing and treatment company. We can assure you that all of our water filtration systems are safe for homes, and our team is with water softening and well water treatment. To help you solve problems with your home, we’ll give you protection from:

  • Hardness
  • Acidity
  • Odor
  • High concentrations of Iron
  • Pathogens / Bacteria

When your whole-house water filtration system is operating properly, you’ll be able to avoid odors, bad tastes, cloudy water or stains caused by water or copper.  

Even before we install a water filtration system, we’ll test your current water. Then after seeing the results, we’ll decide the best solution for your Middlesex County home.

Professional Water Testing

We care about how well your water system is running, so we always comply with the Connecticut Department of Public Health’s standards.


There are plenty of reasons why contaminants have gotten into your water. To help you identify and get rid of these contaminants, we’ll test for lead, copper, sulfate, hydrogen sulfide, barium, corrosion, and coliform bacteria. If we do find problems in your water, we’ll immediately find ways to safely treat your water.

As a safety precaution, you should always test your water once per year or when you have your water pipes or pump changed.

The benefits to having your well water tested:

  • Information about specific pollutants and contamination
  • Treatment options for clean water solutions
  • Basis for future water tests
  • Peace of mind for you and your family

Don't put in risk your family health not knowing your water. Call us today for a free estimate by our professional team  203-868-1765.

Middlesex County, CT’s trusted well & water service

Mosman Well Works wants to assist you with all of your well water system issues. We can help you with installation, repairs, replacements, and testing. Our experts will come to your Middlesex County residence and offer you our complete water system services.

We will always provide high-quality methods to ensure safety to your water system and long-lasting results. Contact us for more options and to get a free quote! 203-884-0942