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Why Is My Water Pump Buzzing?

There is nothing more annoying than a constant buzzing sound ringing in your home or business you can’t seem to get rid of. If this buzzing sound is coming from your water pump, not only is it annoying, but it could mean big trouble for your water supply. Before that annoying buzz becomes a broken water pump, call Mosman Wellworks. With over 20 years’ experience in the Connecticut area, we are your leading well company ready to offer you reliable and affordable solutions to all your water pump problems.

What’s With the Buzzing?

Is your water pump making a strange sound all of a sudden? It could be constant or intermittent and sound like a buzzing or humming sound. There could be a few reasons for a buzzing sound, and Mosman Wellworks can diagnose all of them and get your pump working again.

  • Worn Bearings – a squeaking or clicking sound could be a sign of worn bearings within the pump. This is normal wear and tear problem that develops over time and the bearings simply need to be replaced before further damage results.
  • Damaged Impeller – If a proper filter isn’t used to keep out dirt, rocks, and other debris, it can find its way inside the pump housing and damage the impeller. This will cause a rattling sound and the system will need to be shut down and flushed and the filter replaced with a proper one.
  • Bad Pump Motor – If your water pump has a bad motor or low voltage, it may begin humming as it struggles to try to turn on and pump water. In this case, you’ll likely need to replace the motor.
  • Clogged Pipes – If your pipes have become clogged over time with sediment or algae then your water pump can’t draw water through them. Your motor is working but there’s nothing to draw.

There’s No Water

If your water pump has stopped pumping out water entirely while making this buzzing sound, there’s no cause for panic.  The humming sound means the pump is working but there’s no water to move, so your pump is running dry. 

If your pump has lost prime, or is running dry, this is due to a loss of water. If your well hasn’t run dry on you, then it’s possible your pump has a leaky foot valve and is losing pressure and water, resulting in the humming sound.

Don’t Let Your Pump Run Dry

If your pump is running dry, you’re wearing down the motor which may lead to it burning out. Call a professional to come diagnose it and get your you running again. A leaky foot valve can be replaced so your water pump runs smoothly once more but if you let the humming persist, the whole motor can burn out. 

At Mosman Wellworks, we can diagnose the source of your humming and lost water pressure and make the right repairs to get your water pump working again for you.

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