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5 Signs Your Well Needs a Water Softener

While hard water is safe to drink, the minerals contained in it – calcium, magnesium, etc – can leave residue on dishes and showers. It can even cause dry skin from perpetual use. These mineral deposits can also build up in appliances that use hot water, having a big negative effect on their performance and often leading to failure. 

Signs Your Well Needs a Water Softener

  1. Staining and residual film in showers, toilets, and sinks
  2. Hard white buildup inside appliances that use hot water. This is usually first noticed inside coffee makers, but decreased performance in your water heater’s efficiency is a strong indicator as well
  3. Film or residue left behind on clean dishes
  4. Poorly lathering soaps and dry skin after showering
  5. The smell of sulfur or other bad odors when water is running

If you have noticed any of these signs, it may be time to have your water tested. Take-home kits are available so that you may test for hard water yourself, but having a professional opinion can lead to better solutions.

Types and Sizes of Water Softeners

In general, water softeners treat your hard water by removing the minerals through an ion-replacement process. Most of which replace the hard mineral particles in your water with that of sodium chloride (salt). Even in the case of the hardest water, the level of sodium left behind in your water should be very low. But if you are concerned by this, potassium chloride is available as well. No-salt water softeners do exist, such as those that claim to use a magnetic force to change the molecular structure of hard water particles so that they do not cause buildup, but these types of softeners have not been proven as effective as standard types.

As to the size of water softener needed, this is typically determined by the amount of water your household uses. Larger families using greater amounts of water will, of course, need larger softener tanks. Working with a professional can help you work through the math and decide on your best options.

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