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Why Does My Water Taste Funny?

It’s not uncommon for some well water to have an unusual smell or taste. If your water tastes peculiar, it could be a result of numerous factors including decayed vegetation, chemicals, or mineral/deposit buildup. Therefore, understanding any health precautions as a result of peculiar tasting water is essential. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, “15% of Americans use well water.” Keep reading more details below to find out why your well water tastes funny and how a professional can help.

My Water Tastes Weird! What Can I Do? 

Well water that tastes funny can be a nuisance. Recognizing the unique taste of your water can help a professional identify any concerns. The most common reasons your well water can taste funny includes: 
Metallic Taste. A metallic taste can be a result of iron seeping into the water supply, lead, or arsenic. 
Rotten Eggs. Hydrogen Sulfide causes your well water to smell and taste funny. The professionals at Mosman Well Works can help you determine if a sulfide taste is harmful bacteria or decaying organic deposits.
Off Taste. Unfortunately, when water sits in the pipes for a considerable amount of time it can cause off-tasting water. Luckily, a weird taste from long standing water in the pipes is not a health concern. DecayDecaying flora is one of the most common causes of peculiar tasting well water. 

How Does Mosman Well Works Services Help Your Water? 

At Mosman Well Works, we understand private well owners are responsible for their quality of water and fixing water irregularities can be expensive. In addition, we’ll test your water and help our clients come up with the right solution. We leave out unnecessary equipment to create additional savings. We’ve proudly served the local Connecticut and surrounding areas with over 20+ years of excellence. 
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