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Buying a Home with an Old or Unused Well

Buying an old home comes with many responsibilities and the longer it has been unused, the more potential issues there could be. This is especially true when that home has a well. Since you may be getting some or all of your water from this source, it’s critical to make sure it hasn’t deteriorated over time. Today we will discuss what to do with unused wells.

Potential Risks of Unattended Wells

  • Older wells may have been dug with a substandard method
  • Unlike municipal water sources, well water comes with no guarantee of purity
  • Casings can deteriorate or rust over time, leading to contaminants
  • Contaminants can then affect the taste, smell or texture of the water
  • Previous owners may have built over it and unwittingly created a hazard (e.g. waste from stables or chicken coops could flow into the aquifer)
  • People and animals may be at risk of falling into larger, poorly-secured wells

I Have an Old Well. What Now?

Do as much research as you can about the well and how it was built. For starters, see if you can find any old maps or blueprints, ask neighbors about the history of the place, and look up the water utility history. However, you should always check both the water quantity and quality, even if you don’t imagine you’ll need it anytime soon. Be sure to also research the laws that govern your well. The laws and regulations of your state or region may be unique, so it’s best to be certain what the requirements are before taking any action. Groundwater flows all across the region, so any problem affecting you could be affecting many more as well.

Proper Well Management 

Inspecting wells is a must before purchasing any home. Likewise, treating contaminants is an effective short-term solution but prevention is a far better one. Going forward, routine inspections are a must, as well as after any major excavation or construction has been done nearby. You can also consider having it decommissioned if you are certain you no longer need it.

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