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The Orange, CT area has relied on Mosman Well Works superior service for years. Our expert team is available for Emergency Services 24/7.

We at Mosman Well Works have provided  expert care for our customers for over 20 Years. Our team uses state of the art equipment and tools so they can get the job done well in an efficient time.

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Well Pump Service - Installation & Repairs

Mosman Well Works works to provide Orange homeowners with exceptional well water services at affordable prices. The well pump service process normally begins with the installation of a well water pump. 


A well water pump can provide your family with a reliable source of safe fresh running water.

Our experienced staff can help guide you toward the best tank to suit the needs of your home.  We can help with the selection and installation of:

  • Submersible pumps
  • Jet pumps
  • Variable speed constant pressure systems
  • City water booster pumps
  • Irrigation pumps
  • Yard hydrants and hand pumps

Residents of Orange, CT have the option to choose between two different types of well pumps. You have the choice between a submersible pump (sump pump) or jet pump.


Jet Pumps are a viable option for homeowners with specific needs. Unlike typical water pumps, that rely on pushing water. Jet Pumps work by sucking up the water. This system is nosier than alternative pumps and can generate up to 50 psi. For these reasons the jet pump is not the preferred option among most homeowners.


The submersible pump is the most popular type of well water pump. Due to its quieter nature and ability to provide up to 30% more pressure than the Jet Pump, many homeowners decide to move forward with submersible well water pumps rather than the alternative pump options.


If your Well Water Pump is in need of repair, Mosman Well Works is willing to provide all residents of Orange, CT with a free, no-obligation estimate. Our experts will produce an in depth assessment of the problems affecting your system and how best to repair the problems.

We will determine if your well pump requires replacement or if it can be repaired. No matter the requirements, Mosman Well Works is here to help get your water system up and running as soon as possible.

The Mosman Well Works team cares about your needs. We work to get your Orange, CT well water system producing safe water as soon as possible.

Diaphragm & Static Storage Tanks

Malfunctioning pressure, clogged faucet aerators and sediment filters, and broken pipes can often result in decreased water pressure. The expert team at Mosman Well Works has a great deal of experience identify and providing solutions that correct these problems.

diaphragm TANKS

Diaphragm Tanks are used to separate air from water systems. This small step can reduce the running time of booster pumps and helps the system adjust to sudden changes in system pressure. Once installed, these systems cannot be repaired and are engineered to last. Diaphragm tanks can prove beneficial to any water system and are an effective step to prevent any water-logging.


Water production problems can be solved by adding a static storage tanks. Static storage tanks are used to store atmospheric pressure in large volumes. With a static storage tank, water can be pumped out of the well into the static storage tank.

Mosman Well Works is adept at identifying problems in well water systems throughout the area of Orange, CT. We can provide you with a comprehensive outline of the problems within the system and identify if your system requires repair or replacement. If replacement is necessary, we can help you find a tank that is suitable for the needs of your home.

Complete Home Well Water Systems


After Mosman Well Works installs a water system, our team continues to monitor the system and perform maintenance as needed. Our goal is that the system continues to work efficiently, producing safe water to your home in Orange, CT for years to come.

For the installation of Well Water Systems, we include: 

  • Jet pump to submersible pump conversion
  • Well inspection
  • Water testing
  • Well location services
  • Water system decommissioning
  • Well chlorination
  • Well capacity and yield tests
  • Water shut off systems

If your well water system is in need of repair due to biofouling, old age, or sediments in the water, we can work to find a solution within your budget that will work best for your needs.

Our goal is to make sure your well system continues to perform well for yours to come. The expert team at Mosman Well Works is ready to provide you with superior service and quality.

Orange Whole House Water Filtration

Our team at Mosman Well Works is reliable, efficient and can help residents of Orange, CT with water filtration, well water treatment, and water softening. We take water testing very seriously to ensure our results are accurate, and safety is our top priority. Our purification process can protect your home from:

  • Hardness
  • Acidity
  • Odor
  • High concentrations of Iron
  • Pathogens / Bacteria

An operational whole home water filtration system can prevent poor odors, blue stains on copper, cloudy water, water stains, and bad tastes. Mosman Well Works will help your home improve its existing system or install a new one. Our goal is to provide the perfect solution for your home.

Professional Water Testing

The most important element of a home water system is water quality. To ensure compliance with Connecticut Department of Public Health standards and to confirm your system provides the safest water possible our team provides a comprehensive water quality test.


Our comprehensive water test checks for contaminants such as: lead, copper, sulfate, hydrogen sulfide, barium, corrosion, and coliform bacteria. In the event of any of these elements are discovered in your water system, Mosman Well Works will take immediate action in compliance with Connecticut health regulation to remediate the problem.

You should also test your water once per year, especially if you have recently updated your water pipes or pump.

The benefits to having your well water tested:

  • Information about specific pollutants and contamination
  • Treatment options for clean water solutions
  • Basis for future water tests
  • Peace of mind for you and your family

Don't let the well water problems of your East Have home go unaddressed. Contact our professionals at Mosman Well Works to test your water!

Orange, CT’s trusted well & water service

Mosman Well Works can help you with all of your home water system needs including installations, repairs, and replacements for well pumps. In addition, the team at Mosman Well Works can help you with a new water system for homes in the Orange, CT area.

Mosman Well Works will help bring your water system up to current standards. This step will help your home receive safer drinking water, and routine maintenance will help your family avoid incurring any unforeseen maintenance costs in the future. Contact us today to hear more about our options, and get a free quote! 203-868-1765.